Creating a community for artists and creatives

Creating a community for artists and creatives

Looking for products made by local artists and craftsman? Made in Nijmegen made it easy for you to buy masterpieces close to home. Their designlabel helps local makers and buyers to find each other. After some time, a new vision was on the rise and it became time to reinvent the label. 

Made in Nijmegen crafts

Creativity around the corner

The founders of Made in Nijmegen seek to create not just a brand, but a culture. They love to see the culture of art and crafts embedded into the city. Why go to Berlin if you can find free spirits and creativity just around the corner? That explains why just a designlabel wasn’t sufficient anymore. We helped them develop a new concept, with their vision at the heart of it. 

A community of artisans

Creating a culture starts with people. To connect people with the same values, a community is an amazing way. A space to celebrate and empower the local artists and creatives of Nijmegen. Through our research and brainstorm sessions we envisioned a community offering support and network to new creatives and the established ones.

A first start

We made the first steps in shaping this community. Thanks to the Brand The Change canvas the idea of what it should feel and look like is there. The import next chapter is to test the concept and find out if it helps with the needs and problems of the target audience. It’s a journey and we are ready and happy to build this network!  

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