Feel free to contact me for any project that makes the world a better place.


I’m committed to social entrepreneurs, activistic corporates, community builders and happy folks. I help them to create brand strategies and creative ideas for change.  

I have worked for movements creating a better food system and helped to form networks for Slow Food Youth Network, bringing together young food pioneers from all over the world. Since my start as a freelancer two years ago I’ve been as well involved with projects from LGBTQIA+ and feminism fueled organizations. 

My style of working is based on the Brand The Change method. Thanks to following their facilitation course and continuously monthly meetups with the international community, I keep on learning and improving my practice.

Artistic Movements (hopelijk)

Hizzfit (hopelijk)

Made in Nijmegen



Een wereld waarin iedereen zich thuisvoelt

Geschiedenis van Gelderland herkenbaar maken 

Schoonheid van het alledaagse via experimenteel design

Praten over seksuele taboes

Maria Dabrowski

Fotografie haalt grenzen weg

Inspirerende Nijmeegse vrouwen

Culinair activisme

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