There are so many initiaves using their space for good Here’s a random selection of things, people and organisations I’d love you to get to know. 


I’m looking for fun, cosy meet-ups and parties with likeminded queers

FOEF A Dutch queer party and initiative that celebrates freedom of expression
Qlubhuis A queer space to hangout every Sunday

De Opstand Vegan and people friendly bar


I love sportive activities and want to feel free to be myself

De Rollende Mina’s a creative skateboard platform for women and queers and for pros and beginners

Hizzfit Queer lifestyle coaching and monthly free queer group workouts in Nijmegen  


I’m craving organic food and a friendly environment

Veggie Galore Creole and vegan lunch and dinner made by Raimunda and her team

De Plak A place without a boss. Every employee is an equal. 

Warmoes Take a walk through the historical garden, lunch with ingredients straight from their land


People and planet loving professionals and educators

Jesse van den Berg Non-binary queer photographer, artist and designer 

WILTgroei Fun and B-corp certified collective of entrepeneurs 

COC Nijmegen Workshops, education and events about LGBTQ+, created by LGBTQers 

Bureau Wijland Their mission is to create sustainable and meaningful connections between people 


Where can I find support and money for my changemaking ideas? 

Futureproof Free trainingsprogramme for young impactmakers 

Groeispurt Subsidies for young creatives

Regenboogagenda Subsidies for LGBTQIA+ activities


I’d love to learn more about food forests and how to work in harmony with nature  

Foodforest Ketelbroek The founder regularly shares his knowledge and shows pictures and videos of the activities in this ecosystem

Foodforest Werelds A young -two years old- food forest in the making

Slow Food International

Braiding Sweetgrass Indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge and the teaching of plants


Feel free to contact me for any project that makes the world a better place.

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